Anonymous asked:

Haaaaa typical redneck american piece of shit. You "defended" your faggot ass country and even drive an american car? Billy wandered too far from his hill lmao. btw stop posting pictures of your car it looks like shit

not-your-typical-indian-guy answered:

Bitch, you use Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, and iPods, you eat McDonalds and drink Pepsi, you play Xbox, you listen to American music, and you watch American TV and movies.  Hell, I don’t even do all of that.  Are you more American than me?  Don’t make me laugh, fuckboy.  Oops, too late!  Sorry your mom was too dumb to abort you.  

If you ever find out who that Anonymous was I bet you could circumcise him by kicking his mother in the mouth.